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Nuisance Behaviors

Nuisance Behaviors

What dogs and humans consider to be appropriate behaviors can be very different.  Dogs may behave in ways that we find inappropriate or annoying but which are perfectly normal and natural in the dog world.  Our dogs aren't being bad they are just being dogs.  We need to take this into consideration when addressing these behaviors.  Resorting to reprimand or punishment is not only unfair but can be ineffective as our dogs will often continue these behaviors when we are not around.  These methods can also have unintended consequences leading to more undesirable behaviors or worse, more challenging issues like fear, anxiety, or aggression. 

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Young golden retriever digging a big hole .

Another thing to keep in mind is the more nuisance behaviors are reinforced the more likely they will be repeated.  The more they are repeated, the more difficult it will be to address them.   These behaviors may be reinforced inadvertently by us in how we respond to them or self reinforced by our dogs because we have not effectively set up the environment to prevent them from being rehearsed.  

We will provide you with a holistic program to address your pup's unwanted behavior.   We will create a management plan  designed to prevent  the undesirable behavior from being practiced and adjust those areas in your dog's life that may be contributing to the behavior. 

We will also embark on a behavioral modification program that focuses on replacing the inappropriate behavior with more appropriate behaviors.

We Can Help Your Pup Not To Do Those Behaviors You Find Annoying Like:

  • Jumping

  • Begging

  • Barking

  • Chewing Furniture / Items

  • Counter-Surfing

  • Digging

  • House Soiling

  • Leash Pulling

  • Stealing Objects

  • Door Dashing

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