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Well behaved dogs on a walk together
Basic Manners

Basic Manners

Life with your pup can be more enjoyable and a lot easier if he is taught basic manners (also referred to as basic obedience but we prefer not to use that term).  We will work with you on training your dog  foundation behaviors that help him to become a polite member of your family.   


Training your dog basic manners with our method teaches her how to learn..  Once she knows how to learn, she will become better at it.   This  makes it easier for you to teach her new and more advanced behaviors.  It also has the added benefit of helping you to improve your communication with your dog.  Better communication means a stronger bond.   

When you have your pup's attention and focus you can get the behaviors you want and prevent the behaviors you don't want.  We will help you to teach your dog how to pay attention to you and stay focused on you.   We will also show you how to teach your dog to be more responsive to you. 

Well mannered Kandy the Puggle sitting in her chair when asked to go to place.
 Emi the Vizsla displaying her good manners sitting and showing impulse control while her family has a picnic at the beach.

Patience is a virtue.   Teaching your dog he can't always get what he wants, when he wants it is an important step to  a well-behaved dog.    We will give you the tools to teach your dog impulse control through play and other training methods.​

We will also help you teach your dog behaviors that are incompatible with behaviors you don't want her to do.  This will allow you to use these go-to behaviors  to pre-empt nuisance behaviors before they happen.

Walking your dog should be enjoyable for both of you.  We will help you to teach your dog not to pull.   We will also provide recommendations for the proper equipment  that will aid in loose leash walking and teach you how to get your dog accustomed to putting it on.   

We Will Customize A Basic Manners Training Program For Your Pup To Teach Attention and Politeness:

  • Attention to Name

  • Look

  • Target

  • Drop It

  • Leave It

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Recall (Come)

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Mat Training / Go To Place

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