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Meet the Trainer


Amy is committed to providing doggy parents with the most current, effective, scientific-based positive reinforcement and force free training techniques.  


Certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers , Amy graduated with honors from CATCH's Canine Trainer Academy. She avidly pursues ongoing, continuing education and professional development. She has participated in intensive workshops at St Hubert's Animal Welfare Animal Center, training shelter dogs in basic manners, studying their body language, and solving various behaviorial cases including fear, reactivity, over-arousal, frustration, and aggression.  Amy also volunteers for the Animal Care Centers of NY, training foster dogs.  She attends several seminars and workshops throughout the year and keeps current on industry literature. 

Amy will help your dog assimilate to your household by customizing a training and behavioral modification program that fits in with your lifestyle and meets your dog's needs.  In conjunction with training, she will guide you through a holistic plan to address your dog's physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.  Amy takes a compassionate and empathetic approach with her clients and their dogs because she cares a lot about them and their success.  She always strives to make training engaging and fun.  

German Shepherd's Graduation, from Basic Manners Training - Dog trainer hugging Bullet the German Shepherd
Amy Sternberg

Founder & Trainer


Amy was exactly what we needed for our 1 year old German Shepherd, Bullet.

Amy trained her  for several months.  Suffice it to say that she was a completely different dog after her time with Amy.  As a pup, she was easy to house-train and a sweetheart,  but she was easily agitated by kids on bikes or scooters, runners and other dogs.  Bullet is a big strong dog with a loud bark, and the jumping and barking that were sparked by her agitation could make walking her a harrowing experience -- both for us and our neighbors.  Even when she was relatively calm, she would pull on her leash outside or, at home, take food off the table when we weren't looking.  The result was that we weren't enjoying that wonderful personality as much as we wanted and she deserved.  Amy's kindness and patience, combined with positive reinforcement and patient repetition helped Bullet learn to control her behaviors.  And Amy's patience wasn't just reserved for the canine member of the family.  She worked closely with my husband and me to teach us what worked with Bullet, and, equally importantly, pointed out behaviors on our part that triggered some of Bullet's agitation.  Living with Bullet is now a complete joy.  The walks are fun and relaxing,  and she has learned to lie quietly on her blanket in our apartment while we are working or eating.  Not only are we less stressed, but so is she.  Amy taught us to understand how much she loves the "work" of training and the pleasure of knowing what her human parents want her to do.    We simply can't recommend Amy more highly!  She was a blessing for all of us.                                                                                               

-Bonnie L. | Manhattan

Testimonial Bonnie L.
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