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Challenging Behaviors

Challenging Behaviors

Like people, dogs experience emotions.   Certain emotions such as fear, anxiety, and frustration can escalate, causing your dog severe distress.  This often leads to extreme behaviors that are difficult to manage.  They can be very challenging to address, requiring a lot of patience, understanding, and commitment.

We bring patience, understanding, and commitment to you and your dog when we help you rehabilitate your pup.  We will customize a management and behavioral modification program that fits your lifestyle and your dog's needs.    

We have a lot of empathy for your dog's suffering and your desperation and despair.  We realize how difficult this emotional disorder is for your dog and for you.   We are here to help both of you.   

Texas the rescue out in the snow suffered from separation anxiety .
Dutch the Dutch Shepherd at home had severe fear issues at the shelter.

​ ​

Our holistic approach takes into account all aspects of your dog's life.   First, we will assess your dog and his lifestyle,  looking at areas that might be contributing to his distress.   We will develop a management plan designed to minimize these stressors and improve her emotional state.


We will then implement a personalized behavior modification program designed to relax your dog and bring calm and peace into your lives.  We will work very closely with you to address your dog's undesirable behaviors and emotional response to certain triggers.  We will provide exercises that teach him how to cope with his  stress and  relax.


Understanding your dog's body language is essential in helping you to determine when your pup is becoming overwhelmed or stressed.  Dogs communicate with each other through their body language.  We will teach you how to read  your dog's body language.  This can help you to prevent or  manage situations that stress your dog before your dog reaches his threshold.

We Are Here To Help You and Your Dog Overcome Challenging Behavioral Issues:

  • Fear, Anxiety, Phobias

    • Your dog finds strangers, other dogs, loud sounds, vets office, or some objects or situations very scary 

    • Your dog avoids, cowers, hides, whines, barks, pants, paces, trembles, drools, or sweats ​

  • Separation Anxiety / Isolation Distress

    • Your dog panics when he anticipates your leaving or when he is left alone

    • Your dog paces, pants, shakes, drools, sweats, whines, barks, howls, doesn't eat or drink, has an accident, or engages in destructive behavior

  • Reactivity 

    • Your dog overreacts to certain stimuli such as men with beards, children,  people with hats, people with canes, people with a gait, people jogging, scooters, skateboards,  motorcycles, other dogs or in situations where she feels trapped on leash or behind a fence

    • Your dog becomes highly aroused and exhibits behaviors that appear aggressive such as barking, lunging, snapping, or growling

Eddie the dachshund is known to be a leash reactive dog.
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